Leica x Lego


当艺术遇上了analogue再加上数字相机,就会成为艺术家Mr. Attacki创作的有趣作品。 使用特别的LEGO组件,他重新创造了一部Leica M8相机,并完成了观景器,按钮,以及LCD 显示屏! 当然啦,这只是一件玩具﹗

照片来源 High Snobiety

“The LEGO Leica M8 Viewfinder Camera by Mr. Attacki—aka H.Y. Leung—however will be loved for its creative make above all things. The Lego iteration of the Leica’s first digital M camera mimics the real with its accurate details. The Lego Leica M8 has a LCD display on the reverse with complete menu buttons, and shutter button for control. The camera also has Leica’s emblem in its Lego form in the front.”


数据源"High Snobiety":http://www.highsnobiety.com/2012/06/22/lego-leica-m8-camera/ and New Launchescampaign=lego-leica-m8-viewfi

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