#SeoulFashionWeek #Part2

Return to Seoul Fashion Week. After having such a great time back in March shooting portraits during the Spring session of Seoul Fashion Week, I knew I’d return for the Fall session in hopes of meeting some more colorful people. I was not disappointed. Glamour was everywhere you looked. Professional models came outside and mingled with their fans, while aspiring hopefuls caught the attention of various media outlets. At any time, you could turn and see interviews being conducted and walkway struts performed on the concrete. With so much spectacle permeating through the UFO-like architecture of Dongdaemun Plaza, a surreal experience is impossible to escape. Which I believe is why these events are so popular. Rest assured I hear John Berger speaking in my ear. The only thing that had really changed was security. There were noticeably more guards at entranceways and exits. Organizers also decided to restrict access to the trademark DDP staircase. Only designers and their models were allowed to walk up or down them. Which was fine with me, though it would have been nice if it were open to the public like last time. This closing off of space caused more people to be corralled into the plaza area, and pushed others into the main walkway that rises to meet the city street. It made my practice a bit more hectic but lively as well. All in all, I am happy with the event and can’t wait until next year to continue this portrait series!

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mamiya c220
South Korea
#SeoulFashionWeek #Part2

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    Adooorable :)

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    Yes, this is it!

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    Sehr gut !!!!