Hey there! Hallo ihr da draußen!
this is Alex from Berlin/Germany.

I had lost my digital camera on a journey, so I returned to analog photography in 2014.
Mainly, I use my mom's good old Зенит 11, that was once capturing me growing up since 1990 :) My other love is my flea-market Praktica MTL 3.
I really love the indestructable Soviet & East-German cameras and their awesome lenses.

THANK YOU for all of your likes and comments!!!

Зенит 11 (*1981), we are staring into each others eyes for almost 27 years!
Praktica MTL 3 (*1980s), apply glue here from time to time!
AGFA Optima 500 sensor (*1970s), klein aber fein!
Pentacon Six TL (*1982), heavy monster!

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