Constructive criticism is very welcome because I'll never stop learning!
My first 'child' is the pentax k1000.
I also have an instax neo classic, a lomokino, a fuuvi, a spinner, lomo'instant square, pentax ME, canon auto, cyprea 2 way, and I regularly make my own too.
I use all and any types of film! The black and white shots are self-processed.
I've recently just graduated from a bachelors degree in fine art.
In university I began my major in ceramics until I spent a year on study abroad and still wanted to make art but had no access to kilns. So I ordered some ilford disposables from amazon and started creating hybrid cameras by pulling them apart, changing parts around, and duct taping them back together. Since then I now have several types of disposables which are always on rotation and constantly being modified.

If you want to see some of my exhibitions you can look at edwinacombe.wordpress.com

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