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 (α)029 Return to Malaysia (2nd Day Go Around Ipoh)

・Recent Movie

 (α)028 Return to Malaysia (Arrive at Ipoh Station)

 (α)027 Return to Malaysia (Arrive at KLIA2 〜 KTM)

 (α)026 Return to Malaysia (Kansai Airport Take Off)

 (α)022 Preparing to travel to Malaysia

・Past Movie

 YouTube saki saki Channel

 (α)021 Printing Lomography Album "Japanese Local Town"
 (α)020 Making Lomography Album "Japanese Local Town"
 (α)019 Trying 10 x 8 inch size Photopaper Self-Print
 (α)018 Making of Lomography Album "Everyone's holiday"
 (α)017 Trying Dev. Tank Color Print (Negative Film Color Self-Printing)

 Others are in the YouTube saki saki Channel. Please check it up !

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