Lomopedia: Konica Hexar

This elegant and luxurious autofocus compact camera from the 1990s continues to enjoy cult status among film photographers and camera collectors for a number of reasons. Find out more in this installment of Lomopedia!

The fixed lens and autofocus compact camera Konica Hexar was reportedly quite expensive when it was introduced in 1993, and remains a coveted yet pricey option up to the present. This is most likely because it was marketed as a luxury point and shoot camera, and this distinction never seemed to wear off through the years. It boasts of a 35mm f/2 Hexar lens often compared to other high-quality lenses (such as that of Leica) as well as several unique features, the most notable of which is its “stealth mode.” In fact, the Konica Hexar has been hailed as one of the most quiet 35mm cameras despite its automatic winding, making it a favorite for street photography.

This camera is also called Konica Hexar AF to distinguish it from interchangeable lens rangefinder-focus Konica Hexar RF.

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Technical Specifications

  • Lens: Hexar 35mm f2; six groups, seven elements; minimum aperture f22; built-in lens hood
  • Autofocus: infrared active – 290 steps
  • Close focus: 0.6m
  • Shutter: Electromagnetic 30secs – 1/250
  • Light meter: SPD – Centre-weighted (15 degrees) Spot-metering (4 degrees)
  • Sensitivity: EV 0-16 at ISO 100 (centre) EV3-18 (spot)
  • Modes: Programmed AE, aperture priority, metered manual
  • Film speed setting: DX coding or manual (6-6400)
  • Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean with bright lines, automatic parallax and angle of field correction
  • Displays: LCD on top, viewfinder
  • Film transport: Motor (and rewind)
  • Self-timer: Electronic (approx 10 seconds; no thread for a cable release)
  • Other features: focus lock, exposure compensation (1/3 stop increments); silent mode (standard with some variants, programmable with others)
  • Power: 6v (2CR5 battery)
  • Dimensions: Width 137.5mm, height 76.5mm, depth 64.5mm
  • Weight: 495g without battery
  • Matching flash: HX-14 (GN14)

Check out the user manual for Konica Hexar here.

Credits: amro, rwhitesell & plyshbel

All information for this article were sourced from Konica Hexar and Camerapedia.

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