A Métier in Film: Julian Martin's Alluring Analogue

While majority of the professional industry remains lenient to pixels over prints, film continues to strive as a medium of artistry and expression; but California-based photographer Julian Martin manages to stick to both commercial and aesthetic games with the analogue medium.

© Julian Martin

Hailing from sunny San Diego, Julian Martin’s penchant for working with film cameras (even in the area of commercial photography) makes him one of the most unique commercial photographers around.

Inspired by the Californian aesthetics and lifestyle, Julian’s photography often consists of outdoor shots and portraits basking under the kiss of the sun.

His landscapes, usually of urban flora & fauna and the sea.

© Julian Martin

On set, he would bring several film cameras with him, a mix of thrift store-buys and new ones. At times, he’d mix-and-match some of his digital lenses and attach them to his analogue bodies, composing modern-yet-vintage auras on each of his prints.

© Julian Martin

With photography as his professional career, his all-analogue work has found home in fashion and lifestyle brands befitting the West Coast atmosphere, such as Swell, Rhythm, Otis Eyewear, Underhanded and Wolford Fashion.

© Julian Martin

Watch out for our exclusive one-on-one with Julian soon. In the meantime, visit his website and Instagram for more of his works. All images used are with permission from Julian Martin.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2016-09-17 #人文 #analogue-photography #commercial-photography #professional-photography #julian-martin